Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has long helped to create awareness for Disaster Management at different platforms on Chemical Industrial Disaster Management, Earthquake Risk Management for Industries and now with Chemical Biological Nuclear Radiological Disaster Management. For long, the corporate sector had been viewed as a separate entity perennially ranged at the other end of the spectrum vis-à-vis the society. Over the past few decades, this perception has undergone a complete metamorphosis and the existence of corporate sector is today intimately intertwined with the safety and well-being of the society. Rather the community today is the very raison d'etre of its being. It is the crux lending credence and substance to the world view of the corporate. The corporate sector and the society are being seen as complementary to each other – heavily dependent upon each other for mutual existence and prosperity.

The high vulnerability profile of India also enhances the susceptibility of the corporate sector to multiple disasters and impacts it similarly. The rising ferocity and magnitude of natural disasters and the expanding human and economic infrastructure over the last few decades has led to a greater exposure of the same to hazards of nature. The only way of safeguarding the precious physical infrastructure is to integrate disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures into them. While hazards belong to nature and cannot be wished away, the risks can definitely be reduced and the vulnerabilities can definitely be tackled — and this belongs to us. The involvement and association of the corporate sector with national risk reduction and risk management initiatives and with dissemination of appropriate and practical structural and non-structural disaster prevention and mitigation measures necessary for their safe and disaster-free functioning has been accorded priority as part of a strategy to systematically mainstream holistic disaster management into the functioning of the corporate sector.

FICCI organizes National & International conferences on Chemical (Industrial) Disaster Management (CIDM) in the proximity of hub of Major Accident Hazard MAH Units. FICCI works jointly with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Ministry of Home Affairs in publishing and circulating their comprehensive guidelines on Chemical Disaster Management (CDM), Medical Preparedness & Mass Casualty Management and also other guidelines on natural disasters which could trigger chemical disaster or vice versa. FICCI promoting & advocating Public Private Partnership (PPP) based models of Disaster Management especially during Off-site emergency management where PPP can play a very supportive role.