Conference on Industrial Disaster Risk Management: Focus on Identifying System & Seismic Risks, Pipeline Security and Resilience of Critical Infrastructure
November 9-10, 2022, Tripura



Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry along with State Government is jointly organising a Conference on Industrial Disaster Risk Management: Focus on Identifying System & Seismic Risks, Pipeline Security and Resilience of Critical Infrastructure", November 2022, Tripura. 

This conference will comprehensively address the issues related to Chemical Industrial Disaster Management and specified stressing on management of disasters related to petroleum and natural gas. It will go a long way in implementation of various mitigation strategies thus reducing the impact of hazardous effects of the chemical industry. The Chemical Industrial Disaster Management conference covers a wide arena of subjects and its collection of case studies, risk assessment, capacity building initiatives, on-site & off-Site Emergency Planning Hazardous Waste Management, Medical Preparedness, Occupational Health Preparedness, Risk Management and Insurance, Regulatory Framework and Standards, Pipelines, Storages and Ports, Security of Chemical Industries, Case Studies, Medical Management of Chemical Causality, Mock Exercises and Case Studies, Specialized Medical Preparedness for Chemical Disasters, Disaster Risk Assessment and Reduction Strategies/Approaches, Incident Command System, Pipelines: Transportation of Petroleum, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas, Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods, Safe Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals  and elucidations on safety and security of pipelines, Maritime transportation of dangerous goods as well as handling of Hazchem at ports.


This conference will also attempt to redefine modalities of corporate participation in disaster management activities from the present involvement in post disaster management to more focused prevention, preparedness, and mitigation to be a part of paradigm shift in approach to disaster management in line with NDMAs thinking. All these agendas is likely to help the chemical industry in the country to keep pace with the best global practices on environment, safety and health management to be introduced in their operations whenever they identify some gaps. This conference is likely to be attended by all industries in general including Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug, Fertilizers, Pesticide, Power, Cement, Textile, Metallurgy, Mining Industry in manufacturing, export/import, transportation, and storage of hazardous chemicals (HAZCHEM), petroleum, petroleum products and gases. It’s also attended by all persons directly or indirectly involved in industry, isolated storages, ordinance factories, container depots, warehouses, ports, dockyards, transporting agencies (rail, road, maritime), industries having pipeline installations etc.


The focus of the conference and exhibition would make industry globally safe by better emergency planning of accidents - onsite, offsite including isolated storages. The conference would also provide a platform to Indian and International companies to share their success stories, best practices, technologies to minimize accidents on production site and during transportation of Chemicals, Hazardous /Toxic Substances, Petroleum Products and Gases either through Pipelines or POL tankers. The conference will also provide opportunity of hands-on training and capacity development of industries and on-site/off-site responders during emergencies.